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Sunday, December 6, 2009

"...keep them in obscurity."

Hewitt Henry (1902-1975) was a grandson to William John and Sarah (Kirkpatrick) Morrison. He was 17 years old when his grandfather died.

In 1939, at the age of 37, Hewitt penned a Morrison - Kirkpatrick family tree. In the preface, he wrote: "The dates and people referred to in this 'tree' are correct as far as my records go. The comments are based on the fragments of memories my mother has given me, of those who lived or died ere I was born. Other comments are from my own knowledge of the characters of those whom I know or have known."

Of his grandfather's older brother, Thomas (1841-1919) and his children, Hewitt wrote:

"Tom lives in Derryhale a very fine old man with hardly a grey hair till the day he died, had eight of a family who, mother says, were very wild and not the kind of people I’d like Winnie to meet so we’ll keep them in obscurity."

Ah, a whole family of black sheep -- my grandfather among them!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Morrison's of Derryhale, Co. Armagh

Five cousins are seeking other gg grandchildren of James MORRISON (1812) of Derryhale, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. His wife's name is presently unknown but they had eight children.

The dates of birth of James Morrison’s eight children were: Mary, 1837; Thomas, 1841; Wm. John, 1842; George, 1846; James, 1846; Margaret, 1848; Elizabeth, 1850; and Robert. 1860.

Thomas Morrison, 1841, Derryhale, Co. Armagh married the widow Elizabeth (May) VAUGHAN and they had seven children. Their dates of birth were: Margaret, 1867; James, 1869; George, 1871; Thomas, 1873; Wm. John, 1875; Richard, 1882; Robert, 1885.

Wm. John Morrison 1842, Derryhale, Co. Armagh, married Sarah KIRKPATRICK and they had four children. Their dates of birth were Mary, 1868; Georgina, 1870; Samuel, 1872; and James, 1874.

The Morrison’s of Derryhale, Co. Armagh can be found on Ancestry.com