Thursday, January 14, 2010

Derryhale House

"Louisa Bacon, as landlady, was responsible for visiting her tenants and collecting rents. When visiting Derryhale she remained overnight and stayed in the Dower house which had been built for the widow (dowager), possibly Louisa Bacon’s mother, on the death of her husband.

The property now belongs to the Stanley family who have lived there since the present owner’s father purchased the property, on 26th. October 1927, from the Wright family. They had purchased the house and land from Thomas Morrison. It is of interest to note that this farm was part of the original Estate belonging to Col. J. M. Richardson
The current owner has the original land survey, carried out by Samuel Greer Esq., which is dated 8th. March 1890. This document is entitled Map of Farm in the Townland of Derryhale: the property of Mr. Thomas Morrison. The land was subject to the Irish Land Act 1903. This legislation required the owner of the land to make twice yearly payments to Credit the Land Purchase Account of the Government of Northern Ireland. The amount of these payments or Ground Rents, due by the owners of the property, has been recorded in the Title Deeds."

The above information was excepted from a larger article entitled: "Some Historical Notes" by Dr. John E. Galway published by 'The Craigavon Historical Society' in their magazine 'Review', Vol. 8, No. 2, 2002-2003.

{Note: The Wright family referred to in the article was Wm. John Wright {1864 - 1916} and his wife, Margaret {Morrison} Wright, {1867 - 1950}, daughter of Thomas Morrison. They purchased what was known as 'Derryhale House' from Thomas Morrison sometime before his death in 1919. It is not known, at this time, when Thomas Morrison first came to own Derryhale House and whether he raised his family there.

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